WATM 2018 – Invitation to Presentations

26. 2. 2018

LAIC are pleased to announce that we will be presenting our products for the aviation industry at WATM 2018. Visit us not only at stand 803 to see demonstrations of all our products but we look forward to seeing you at our presentations in the Frequentis Aviation Arena and Aerion Spotlight Stage.

Frequentis Aviation Arena 6 March 2018 - 13.50 p.m. - 14:10 p.m.
Bridging the Data Gap for ANSPs to Achieve True SWIM

Abstract: ANSPs are too often operating with segregated departments, and the lack of data sharing allows for inefficiencies and financial losses. LAIC have developed and will be discussing our innovative products to help ANSPs achieve true SWIM through all departments, whether mission-critical or business and financial. Enabling ANSPs to operate as one entity, rather than with separate ATM and business systems is a challenge that is crucial to allow ANSPs to fully control their growth.

Aerion Spotlight Stage 7 March 2018
- 2.10 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
The Business of Air Navigation Services

Abstract: Improved performance is the ultimate objective for all ANSPs. Fundamental changes to achieve improvements are needed in the key areas of efficiency, productivity, revenue and safety. LAIC’s industry-leading systems will illustrate how to maximise ANSP growth opportunities. ANSPs are complex and unique organisations that need solutions more sophisticated than basic invoicing, accounting and statistics systems in order to provide the strong business models relied on to keep ANSPs successfully operating no matter the socio-economic or political environment they are based within. LAIC’s ATRAK suite of products are designed to support the next generation of ANSP business needs and objectives.

Presenter of both mentioned workshops will be George Parobek CEO, LAIC & ICC Ltd.

We invite you to arrange a private demo or meet with our experts. Please send us an email at: enquiries@laicatc.com to devote the time right for you.

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